32 thoughts students have about group projects

University will provide students with enough independent learning and reading material to last a lifetime, and although each student is different at what they prefer to do on their course, there does seem to be a unanimous vote against group projects. Here are the top things students feel and think during group projects at university.

1. You walk like a boss when you're in a group with your squad

And everyone is so jel right now

2. You feel superior to the others

3. You hate it when that one person you despise at uni wants to enter your group

You block that bitch right outta there

4. Students only pray when it comes to group projects

Especially if they have to do all the work

5. And there is always that one member who loves everything

6. Or who doesn't do anything

7. Or who flies off the handle

If you don't like their font on the PowerPoint Presentation

8. But when you're the leader you have no problem telling it how it is

9. You'll have moments of pure and utter truth

And then they'll disappear when you get too involved in the presentation animation

10. Sometimes, a look is enough

11. And you have to give yourself a pep talk before each meeting

Because it feels so awful each and every time

12. Some things never go the way they were planned

13. And you feel you take the blame for everything

14. Or that you wish that guy wouldn't ruin everything

15. Or that the other members wouldn't copy you on anything

16. Especially if you do mess up

17. Because then there is no chance whatsoever

18. However, then you get a new idea

19. And you know how to deal with the issues

20. And maybe think you could pull it off

21. Even if it means doing everything by yourself

22. Occassionally turning to religion

23. And suppressing telling your fellow project students how you really feel about them

24. Especially when they come out with weird stuff

25. And you cannot seem to get on the same wave length

26. You kid yourself you'll get a passable grade from this

27. And you hate it when someone gets too personal

Its just a meeting about what presentation colours you want on the background

28. Even though your presentation is on, basically, nothing

29. And you're working with idiots

30. Who mess, literally, anything salvageable up

31. And you could wonder where the end is

32. You and your crazy peers get through it

Even if it was the worst 5 minutes you've ever gone through