32 things students wish they can say to enemies

Students will definitely find frenemies either within their dorm, shared housing or their classroom when they start university. Although you may wish to become a diplomatic and respected adult at university, there are still times when you wish you could say what you feel. We understand what you’re feeling so we have compiled all of the things you wish you could say to your fellow frenemy below!

1. How much better you are than everybody else

2. Mention their fashion sense

3. Their mental state

4. And their eyebrows

5. Discuss their judgemental face

6. And walk away in pure British style

7. Or maybe make them leave instead

It is your student house actually

8. Give them some advice before they leave

9. And some home truths

10. Keep it simple

11. Maybe stay away from Social Media

It is physical evidence,

12. Or maybe just hit it

13. Try and tell them before you do it

Out of politeness

14. Tell it straight

15. Be smart about it

16. Say it to their face

17. Maybe attack them all at once

18. Maybe they do suck

19. Take it in your stride

20. Hit them where it hurts

21. Get creative

22. Tell others about their faults

23. Go back and try to find the source of the problems!

24. It'll make you feel better if you let it out

25. And tell them every little thing you want to think about it

26. Use your imagination

27. Maybe refer them to the capitalism

28. And attack the email they created at 12 year old

29. It is probably true in all honesty!

30. Get OG on them

31. Tell them what they really need

32. And walk out knowing they can't even touch you!

What do you wish you could say to you frenemies at university?