18 things that happen to students on results day

Results day for most students can pass them so quickly because the adrenaline and nerves took over, and although you may feel anxious for most of the day, there are certain things that seem to happen to most students on results day! Check them out below!

1. You don't want to get out of bed until you really have to

2. You imagine how everyone will react

3. Or you end up feeling nothing at all

4. You think back to how you were in the exam

And start to panic all over again

5. You know that you won't want to go on social media today

6. And you're too scared to look at your UCAS Track page

7. You discuss the exam with your friends again

Why, oh why, do you do it to yourself!

8. You feel that you knew absolutely nothing about anything

9. And it is as if it were years ago when you sat the tests

10. You beg your mum and dad to go get them for you

11. You begin contemplating what to do next in your life

12. You're unsure how to react to your results

13. Maybe have a mini breakdown

14. Or turning into a Netflix Burrito

15. You pretend it is all a dream

16. You imagine all exam boards are Gandalf

17. You know you shouldn't put it off

18. And you're too scared to take your parents with you

In case they don't appreciate the results!

Regardless to what grades students achieved in this year’s results, remember you tried your best on the exams and you worked very well under pressure. There are options for all students and their grades they achieve this results day!