27 things we all do getting ready for a night out

Getting ready for a night out, especially as a student is a tough process that we all have to go through. From outfit changes and your make-up not coming out right to finding time to pre-drink before the taxi arrives! Here are the most common things that we all do when getting ready for a night out!

1. Perform some loose exercises to make ourselves limber

2. Check all the important areas are covered up

3. Show off our outfit to our friends for approval

4. And of course they will tell you that you look good

5. Work out that day to allow your muscles to look better

6. Ask someone to help you with your hair

Even if you are unsure about it

7. Spray so much perfume or aftershave that it drowns you

8. And even more of it

9. Work out if you can move properly in the dress

10. And attempt a new make-up look

And then hate every single thing you did

11. Ensure you are clean and well-groomed to the last minute

12. Skip to the important bits if you're running late

13. Try to work out how you'll look on the dance floor

14.Give yourself a pep talk

15. Get ready with your BFF

16. Bitch about that one person in the group

17. Go bold with eyeliner

18. Get distracted when some of your friends arrive

19. Spend too much time talking and pre-drinking

20. Spend 17 hours getting ready for this one night

21. Fully groom yourself, from head to toe

22. Get annoyed at that one person who is getting into their fancy dress character a little too much

23. Knowing your perfected look will only last a few hours

And not because you live in a faiytale, but because those Sambuka shots kill you

24. Work on how you break the ice

25. Realise you are having a wardrobe malfunction

26. A really bad malfunction

27. And wonder if you went a bit OTT... but then you let the thought pass you by

What are your favourite part of getting ready for a night out? Let us know by commenting below!