25 tips on how to mentally prepare for uni

It can be tough when trying to organise everything for university, and although you understand that it is a big change in your life, there are lots of things you need to do to mentally prepare for uni and that new chapter.

1. Address your anxieities before you go

Let yourself know what things you are scared about university, and why you feel this way. Otherwise they may all appear at once and you won't be able to deal with them

2. You don't need to impress everybody you meet

You just be you, gurl.

3. Get used to your parents saying no now

Because they will be none the wiser when you leave

4. Cry whenever you need a little cry

Cry before, during the journey and when you arrive at university. If you need to - let it all out

5. Try your best - because that is all that you can do

It may sound cheesy, but it is the best advice when you look at it in the simplest terms

6. Homesickness is inevitable

It can be really tough to deal with, but that doesn't mean that what you're doing is the right thing for you! Let yourself feel sad, call home and then get on with your day

7. You might not get a first in your degree

Many students state that they'll get a first in their degree, and this is actually quite tough. Try your best but don't feel like a failure if you get a 2:1

8. You mate dislike your housemates but people come around

Whether it is your teacher, classmate or dorm mate - you just have to push through it

9. Plan how you'll decorate your room now

It will definitely place a positive outlook on the entire thing

10. Think realistically about how much you ARE going to drink

Especially during Fresher's week - budget for this effectively

11. Fall in love with bread now

Because it will be a complicated relationship when you get to university

12. There is a possibility that you won't find love

And that's okay

13. You might also spend an evening or two alone now again

You don't have to party every night to feel like you are 'doing the university thing right'

14. You're going to miss your friends like mad

15. And you might look needy from time to time

16. You'll see and do things you never even imagined you would

17. But you'll begin to love your freedom

18. And miss the pets at home like crazy

19. You will learn the new city you're in - even if it takes a while

All new places are daunting to begin with but this is normal

20. You're becoming a strong independent student!

21. And you'll grow to love your university

Even if it is in the middle of nowhere

22. You should spend time with your loved ones a lot before you go

Because those memories will travel with you to university

23. You probably won't have everything in common with the people that you meet

24. And you might get stuck-up housemates

25. And even if nothing actually goes to plan

You'll get through it fine!