Top And Best Cheap Fancy Dress Ideas For Students

With re-freshers just around the corner, there is plenty to look forward too with your clubs and societies coming up with ideas for your new european and international recruits that may join in semester 2 at university. But lets separate real keeno’s against everyone else. If you follow our guide to the top fancy dress ideas below you’ll never disappoint.

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Below is a complete collection of the top cheap fancy dress ideas that will suit any student:

1. Thunderbirds

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2. Tetris Block Party

3. Teletubbies

4. Pub Golf

5. Pink Ladies

6. Cowboys & Indians

7. 118 - Got Your Number!

8. Ghostbusters!

9. Smurfs Up!

10. Toga! Toga! Toga!

11. Anything But Clothes Party (ABC Party)

12. Mime it up!

13. Pimps and Hoes Fancy Dress

14. Pyjama Party

15. Nurses and Doctors Fancy Dress

16. Army Men/Women Fancy Dress

17. Lumberjack Fancy Dress

18. Caveman / Zolo Warrior Fancy Dress

19. Geek / Nerd Fancy Dress

20. Shit Suit / Shit Shirt Dress

21. Superheroes and Superheroines

22. OAP Night Out

23. Neon Fancy Dress

24. Lifeguard / Beach Paty

25. Cops and Robbers

26. Chimney Sweeps

27. Maids

28. Traffic Cones

29. Where's Wally (Found Him!)

30. Crayola / Crayon Night Out

31. Minions

We hope one of our best fancy dress ideas can help you in deciding whats good for your next big night out! If you have any ideas that you think should be included or that you think that we have missed then comment and let us know below!