33 Ways to waste time at university

A life of a student is a difficult one, full of deadlines, daydreaming about the future and burning the candle at both ends. Although many people believe that students have it easy at university, they do earn the right to procrastinate and to spend their days accomplishing very little, and to then rush to achieve a deadline. Scroll down to find out the most effective ways to waste time at university, because sometimes taking a nap isn’t enough.

1. Admitting that you are in fact, procrastinating

And you're doing it more by wasting time thinking about how you are wasting time

2. Wonder what you'll look like if you were in a fight

Using a mirror will help

3. Contemplating how life would be different if you were a childhood actor

Who doesn't want to be Hermonie?

4. Pretending you are a world leader

Even if it is just for one day

5. Binging on your favourite programme series

I just love Captain Hook in this!

6. Work on your flirting skills

Everybody loves a hat, right?

7. Go out on a date, or with a friend, or just out. Just get out.

8. Make a snack

Pooh knows best

9. Spend time on the important things

Arial, or Callibri?So many questions right now

10. Watch embarrassing moments compilations on YouTube

11. Give yourself a pep talk about procrastinating

12. Make another snack - nutrients are important guys

13. Don't allow yourself to quit

Including procrastination

14. Take a nap, a secondary nap and a third

Power naps are the best, and even 4 hour naps

15. Work on an evil laugh if you ever decide to take over the world

16. Practice your Oscar acceptance speech

Or maybe that Nobel Prize?

17. Think about how you are failing at life

Pretty well though

18. Attempt to find a cat video you haven't seen yet

There has to be some out there right?

19. Work on your Whip it Nae Nae moves

Because you'll never know when you'll need them

20. Live a short life of Drag

RuPaul here we come! No no shashay for us!

21. Just completely ignore all of your responsibilities

They'll go away eventually

22. Research innovative ways to destroy your coursework

Finland has no homework and they're fine aren't they?

23. Create a presentation about nothing?

Does that mean you don't make a presentation at all?

24. Work on your Gangsta style

25. Try to find your secret power

It is definitely in there somewhere!

26. Use all technology until your eyes water

27. Feel better knowing you can just copy your friend's notes

They are much better at avoiding procrastination than you are...

28. Plan how to sustain World Peace!

29. Just flat out ignore what you should do

30. Become a philosopher

31. Pretend to work out

Everyone is obsessed with protein aren't they?

32. Start a Facebook War

Everybody loves a Facebook war, just don't compare them to Hitler!

33. Start the housework

And then most likely, you won't finish it

How do you like to procrastinate? Let us know by commenting below!