Weird students you’ll meet at university

University is full of people from all areas of life who have different opinions and perspectives on the world, and although this is a good thing, it also means there will be people you’ll meet who you’ll find to be really weird students!

1. When people tell you their biggest secrets the first time you meet them

2. That guy who always has to be right

3. Or that person who gets weird with food

4. And that person who says a joke

but it never seems like a joke

5. The housemate who is too OCD and OTT

6. The guy who says the same thing 100 times a day

It wasn't funny the first time

7. The mumbler

8. The person who makes weird references

9. Or who pretends he invented everything

10. That person who lies without needing to

11. The person who tells too many puns

12. The girl who tells you everything about her relationship problems

13. The person who always stays in their dorm room

And they come out and the sun burns them

14. That guy who never remembers who you are or your name

15. Or that awkward moment when you're the weird student

And you only just realise

16. And it is mostly because you ask too many questions