What it is really like joining a university society

Many students when they start university sign up to a university society (or more than one) and the majority of the time will not attend more than one meeting. There are some students who find great groups to join and become very active in that university society, but, what is it like to actually join one?

1. You'll meet people you wish you hadn't

2. You will have more people to go drinking with

3. You'll become involved in some, er, great projects

4. There will be people there that you just hate

5. And others you can't really work out at all

6. You'll feel like you can't say no

7. And it will take up some of your time

8. But you'll dream of the day you have an important role in the society

9. And you'll feel that they need you

10. Even if they have weird rules

11. But at least they accept everyone

12. It will help you come out of your shell

13. And you'll know a lot of more people on campus

14. And it will give you some good communication skills

15. But if you join as a second or third year

Everyone will look at you as if you are ancient

16. But sometimes you feel that it is an absolute mess

And all you do is have pointless meetings where nothing happens