What moving into student halls is like

When what you have been planning to arrive for months arrives, it will fly by so quickly that you won’t have time to notice where the time has gone! This is what moving into student halls is like on the first day of university!

1. You'll become reckless with anyone who gets in your way

2. And if it comes to it you'll barge past them

3. And your parents will just annoy you with every word they say

4. And you'll get sassy in return

5. You'll dream about the freedoms you'll earn

6. And your mum will let you do anything if you stay at home

7. You may get a bit OTT towards the end

8. And you'll understand adult responsibilities the hard way

9. And you won't do any of them

10. And you really won't do anything

11. You'll forget where you packed everything

12. And you'll celebrate tiny victories

13. You'll spend an hour looking for your extension leads

14. And you'll forget to practice personal hygiene for a while

15. But you will have everything you need

Even if you forgot the important things, like textbooks and cookware!