What your last day at university will be like

Starting university is a great experience that will stay with you for decades to come, and although you will change an incredible amount during those three to four years whilst studying for your degree, your last day at university may be really different in the end!

1. It might not even take an entire degree to become resentful

2. You'll still miss lectures

3. And you'll look back at all those group projects you could have submitted alone

4. You'll never have to sit another exam again!

Unless you start a postgraduate course that is!

5. You know you were never going to get grades that easy

6. Your last day will be filled with this question

7. And you don't want to look at your dissertation until results day

Because you can't bear to think about any mistakes you may have done

8. You literally have no time left to change your grade

9. And now that it is over, people keep asking how it is going

10. There will be that guy that said he would drop out and never did

11. And you can still remember when you had daily breakdowns

12. And you'll be doing a happy dance

13. Because you are all swag now

14. And you are thankful to the most important things that got you through this degree

15. And you are fully aware that you won't remember anything you had learned in a week

16. You'll never need to laminate things again!

17. Your nightmares will cease

18. And you're worried that you have to go to a reunion already

19. You'll find it hard to comprehend a normal weekend that consists of two days now

20. And the only thing that you'll miss is procrastination!