Words you’re already tired of in 2015

Slang words come and go like the latest trends in fashion, and here are the top slang words you’re already tired of in 2015 and January isn’t even over yet! These slang terms will be battling it out against each other competing to earn it’s place in the Oxford Dictionary! Move aside twerking, we’re totally on fleek right now! Take a look at our four words we’re ready to leave behind and the next four we won’t be able to stop ourselves from uttering!

1. What we're ready to leave in 2014: Bae - yes, we get it, you like them.

2. Obvi - why is everything shortened?

3. Selfie - we understand you like to look at yourself!

4. Basic - Basic is now so basic!

1. Slang words for 2015: On Fleek - This will definitely be on point!

2. Lumbersexual - seriously?

3. Selfiestick - because selfie wasn't bad enough?

4. Doe - it's making a comeback and it is going to be a strong one!