10 creative ways to get a graduate job

The early months of the year tend to get third year students and graduates feeling worried, anxious and determined to find a job once they leave university. Although it may seem that there are the usual and common ways to get a graduate job – which includes filling out application forms, sending off a CV and attending an interview – we have found out about several talented and creative individuals who have secured a paycheck in unconventional ways.

Buying a billboard

Adam Pacitti graduated in 2012, and after 250 applications found it hard to secure work. He decided to place an advert on a billboard and created the campaign, Employ Adam which was successful! How did he celebrate? By displaying 'Thank you' on a billboard of course.

Spend a fiver on a Google ad!

Alec Brownstein wanted to work in advertising so bestowed it upon himself to make that happen. He took out multiple and cheap Google Adverts with the names of marketing executives in the title and when they Googled themselves? BAM! He was hired!

Holding up your CV

Alfred Ajani also found it hard to find a job so he decided to go to Waterloo Station in London and hold up this sign. Great news - he was offered a job at the end of it, and his new job required him to recruit, so where do you think he went?

Print a T-Shirt

Joe Busby who graduated in business management decided to print a t-shirt with his CV on. After local news picked up the story the job offers were flying in! But what did he do in the end? He decided to go self-employed and use his business management skills to his advantage!

How much are you worth?

Josh Butler, 18, from Essex eBay'd himself

Pin yourself a job!

Jeanne Hwang wanted to work for Pintrest so much that she decided to use the website to create a CV and showcase her skills. Although Pintrest didn't hire her, another company did!

Work yourself into the right job!

Reed Daw worked in a bar during his studies and decided to start working the weekday lunch shifts, and even though he ended up with less money his plan prevailed in his job search! He began talking to the regular business types and when it came to graduating his efforts lead to internships and a job!

Be in the right place - at the right time

Tristan Walker really wanted to work for Foursquare when they were a start-up company. He used the app every day and emailed over eight times about a job, but when a response came back stating that he should pop in if he is ever in New York, Tristan pretended he was already there and booked a flight to arrive the following day!

Network with other types of people!

Logan Beam stepped in for his mum when she couldn't attend her high school reunion and used this opportunity to network. He began talking to someone whose family founded the All American Clothing Company and it landed him a job!

Hack your way into getting hired

Chris Putnam built a Facebook hack which made all Facebook profiles look identical to the social network's rival MySpace profiles. Even though Facebook did tell him off, they were so impressed that they gave him a job and he is still there now!