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Students in England pay more for university

Students in England pay more for university

Students in England pay more for university

A new study has shown that the university students of England now pay the highest tuition fees in the world. Students pay higher fees, on average at £6,000 (which can go up to £9,000) than in other developed countries, such as, Australia, the United States and Switzerland.

A report last year conducted by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) showed that the England was fifth in the world for tuition fees, falling behind Chile, Korea, Japan and America. The report published in 2014 included data from 2011, before tuition fees were increased to £9,000.

Almost fifty countries were analysed and although discrepancies were transparent with some students in the US paying more than the England, on average the England was shown to be the highest on average.

The report stresses that graduates earn, on average, double over their lifetime than those who did not attend university. Also, individuals who have had higher education tend to be both more physically healthy, and even more trusting of others around them than those who have not.

“These figures should cause the government to avoid steps that could hamper access, including replacing grants for poorer students with loans leaving them more indebted than richer students, cutting widening participation funding, or reducing the independence of the access regulator” Lampl said.

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