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Students prefer Paris to London

Students prefer Paris to London

Students prefer Paris to London

QS, worldwide university rankings and events, has published the best student cities rankings and Paris has claimed the number one spot for the fourth year running. The ranking assigns cities scores based on the quality of life, opportunities for graduate employment, diversity of their student body, the quality of their universities and affordability.

Melbourne is situated in second place for the second year, while Tokyo moved up into third place from seventh last year. However, London has fallen to fifth place from the third spot last year. The other British cities to feature in 2016’s top 75 are University of Birmingham, Coventry University, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow and University of Manchester.

Paris scores well under desirability and ratio of international students, but falls short when it scored for level of tolerance and inclusion.

Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo said “Paris is proud to be ranked as the best world student city. We carry an ambitious politic to make youth able to blossom, be successful, be able to choose and to build its future. We still continue to support students by offering them opportunities, in an open, dynamic and creative city.”

The top ten cities for students is as follows; Paris, Melbourne, Tokyo, Sydney, London, Singapore, Montreal, Hong Kong, Berlin, and Seoul. It’s important to research all aspects of studying abroad before making any decisions.

Tuition fees averaged at around £1,594 in 2014, and at a low cost the world-class education is appealing to students from around the world.

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) recently published a study that examined the impact of travelling abroad for university students, looking into the professional aspect of travel. The research showed that students who are prepared to study abroad are less likely to suffer long-term unemployment. According to Erasmus, 64% of employers value international experience in their employees, and consider it important for recruitment.

Students who choose to study abroad will be able to soak up benefits affecting all areas of their life, from personal development, academic excellence, communication skills and travelling experiences. Studying abroad provides students with opportunities they wouldn’t necessarily have when staying at home. The experience broaden’s students’ horizons, while also giving them a chance to work on their language skills.

However, if you are thinking about studying abroad, you should conduct thorough research beforehand, and if able to do so, enquire with international students and universities to ensure you understand the different processes you need to complete to study abroad.

ESN found that an average 92% of employers prefer skills in their employees which you learn when studying abroad, such as, flexibility and the ability to communicate effectively.

Studies also show that students who studied abroad, had earned 25 % more than their peers who didn’t.

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