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Mapping your future

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Deciding what you want to do in the future is a daunting prospect and you should take your time with this important choice. When it comes to higher education, you should ask yourself that all-important and familiar question.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

And why is this an important question? Because you should be aiming towards a career you enjoy in an area that you love, remember there is never an ambition too big or too small.

Unemployment is still a pressing issue and obtaining a degree will help you to secure a decent job in the future. Not only will you have more qualifications, you will have gained life experiences and lessons that you wouldn’t have otherwise. University life is never dull; it will be full of interesting people, exciting adventures and some of the best memories of your life.

Mapping out your future is never an easy task; the best way to start is to take it step-by-step.
Firstly, write down what you enjoy, what interests you and what your hobbies are such as gardening, painting or computer games. Secondly, highlight anything that can be studied further, for example, you can study landscaping design, fine art, or even game designer courses.

Once you have decided what interests you and what you want to study further you can investigate what careers and jobs can stem from them. There is no better satisfaction in life than waking up every day to a job that you love.

Now you have looked at the possible career options from your interests and hobbies, you will be faced with the decision of how you will achieve this. Higher education provides the platform for a range of opportunities but you must remember that everything isn’t set in stone. If you happen to change your mind and you no longer want to do the course you first chose, there is lots of room for change. For example, if you were studying music in hopes of becoming a music teacher, but realised after two years that you no longer wanted to teach, there are many options left for you. From Sound Production in film, to working in a recording studio, the opportunities will always be endless.

There are many other options instead of going straight into higher education. Some popular alternatives are taking on work experience, studying apprenticeships, or getting a job. All you need to do is find the right direction for you and your future. Some students prefer to take a break before studying at higher education to live and work abroad.

Whatever path you decide to choose, we recommend studying at university because it will be undoubtedly be the best three years of your life.