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King’s College London, Law Personal Statement

King’s College London, UOL

Law is significant to everyday life past, present and future. I’ve always been interested in the world around me and its workings which is why I studied subjects such as Geography and History. Current affairs reveal just how important our legal system is in securing a safe, secure society with the rise of lawless conflicts with groups like Isis and Al-Qaida now waging war across the world. This course is dynamic, fast-paced and competitive, suiting my ambitious persona. Becoming a Lawyer is a career path I’m eager to follow as I enjoy debating, finding the best evidence to support my arguments in class discussions and team debates and am booked on for the Young Lawyer Programme 2016. While choosing my A-levels, I researched which subjects would be best for Law and saw that academic subjects were most sought after so I took subjects I enjoyed like English Literature, History and Geography. Sixth form has been a great experience for me to develop skills necessary for Uni, with support from friends and teachers; it’s been easier to achieve my goals.

I want to study this course specifically because of the content it offers which overlaps with many areas of study. EU Law and Land Law have been especially prominent in my Global Superpower Topic in Geography A2 and Politics course where we learnt about the relationship between UK and EU Law over human rights, sovereignty and where EU Law overrides UK Law. The UK’s uncodified constitution makes Law a significant source of order and I’m interested to learn more about the interpretation of statues by judges and how Law is applied to a variety of circumstances. Law is a research-dense subject which I believe I will be able to keep up with due to my independent fieldwork in Geography. My written and analytical skills have developed in English Literature, vital to Law’s essay-based course. My career aspirations were shaped during Year 11 when I had work experience at Kings Road Dental Practice, acting as a secretary and developing my communication skills with patients and filling out daily log sheets. I learnt about an office environment and also acted as a representative for ICE at the Chester Grosvenor where I booked people in and spoke to investors, improving my negotiation and communication skills. I also have worked part-time as a waitress in The Sunlight and as a face-painter for children’s parties. This was essential for narrowing down my career options.

Inside of college I’m a member of extra-curricular clubs: First Aid and German; languages are a challenging hobby but I made good progress in French which I study outside of college. I applied for Specials Constabulary Recruitment with Merseyside Police where I can be trained to have the same responsibilities as a member of the Police Force; working closely with those who enforce the law. Responsibility and commitment are skills I developed in horse-riding which I’ve done since I was 8. I was also a reviewer for FILMCLUB, travelling to London to take lectures from directors and interviewers. I have diverse interests, reflected in my awards: I have three academic Attainment Awards, an Award for Physics and a certificate of Forensic Science. I have had many roles of responsibility in the past such as Form Captain, School Council and Charity Representative for my form where we sponsored a girl’s education in Sierra Leone and locally fundraised gifts for the elderly at care homes at Christmas. In my spare time I also volunteer for Clatterbridge Hospital Charity, helping to fundraise at their events as I’m dedicated to a number of causes, managing my time effectively.

I feel a degree in Law will help me develop the skills necessary to follow my chosen career path in Criminal Justice. I look forward to the challenge of university and looking specifically at a subject I find most interesting. I am confident in the skills I have honed in college and am excited to push them further with the support of my Lecturers.

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