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A Geography degree covers the all of the physical and the manmade world around us. Courses can include a number of things such as human, physical and also environmental geography. Students will also commonly have to collect and will have to analyse their own data on various arranged field trips – which might be in some very far-flung locations, or could even be situated much closer to home.

The Geography personal statements are all here to provide you with the very best templates for when you start writing your Geography personal statement.

If you’re looking to study Geography at university, you can learn more about studying this degree by visiting our subject degree guide for Geography – perfect for all students at all stages of their application.

University of Reading, Physical Geography Personal Statement
Geography has always fascinated me; travelling the world and living abroad has inspired questions and demanded understanding. I find…
Liverpool John Moores University, Geography Personal Statement
‘Geography students hold the key to the world’s problems’ – Michael Palin. I have had a passionate interest in…
Newcastle University, Geography Personal Statement
The immense size and complexity of the world has always fascinated me. As such, I have developed…