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Both Mathematics and Statistics play a very important role in almost every single area of your life and are always at the heart of advances in both science and technology and much more. This degree will equip you with all of the indispensable problem-solving and decision-making tools that you could need. You’ll be able to gain a good knowledge of probability and of statistics too and with more options to focus on modern Pure Mathematics or Applied Mathematics as well.

Our Mathematics and Statistics Personal Statements are perfect for anyone looking for inspiration for their upcoming Personal Statement and will serve as the best templates for you to look at.

If you’re looking to study Mathematics and Statistics at university, you can learn more about studying this degree by visiting our subject degree guide for Mathematics and Statistics – perfect for all students at all stages of their application.

University of Glasgow, Mathematics with Additional Philosophy and Statistics Personal Statement
Mathematics has always been among the forefront of my interests, being at the heart of the understanding of so…
University of Liverpool, Mathematical Sciences Personal Statement
Mathematics, overlooked as it is, is the most fundamental subject in our educational system and is THE enabling tool…