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Medicine degrees are incredibly lengthy; they are demanding and altogether among the most challenging and one of the most competitive paths that students can embark upon. Very few other subjects are known to rely so heavily on your confidence in yourself, your absolute commitment to the field, and also your desire to make a difference in real people’s lives.

Our Medicine Personal Statements serve as the perfect personal statement templates for you to use. You can see what a successful Medicine Personal Statement looks like and gain some inspiration!

If you’re looking to study Medicine at university, you can learn more about studying this degree by visiting our subject degree guide for Medicine – perfect for all students at all stages of their application.

University of Southampton, Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement
I am applying for a Mental Health Nursing degree because I want to help people who suffer…
University of Sheffield, Medicine Personal Statement
The combination of the sciences, the latest technologies and social interaction makes medicine such an appealing subject…
Imperial College London, Medicine Personal Statement
My initial interest in medicine stemmed from my excitement of Human Biology. Each time I reflect upon the sheer…