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University of Greenwich, Architecture Personal Statement

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University of Greenwich, Architecture Personal Statement

Buildings are a necessity in life, and I would like to be the next innovative mind that will produce works as extraordinary as that of Renzo Piano, Sir Norman Foster and Zaha Hadid. Neo-Futurism is a movement that interests me because of the mix between art and technology which can be shown in works such as Wembley Stadium or The Shard. I think this course will let me showcase my creative, team work and IT skills that are fundamental in this field.

Art is a regular hobby of mine, and studying it in school not only made me experiment with different media and techniques, but at A2, it allowed me to think like an artist and understand, for example, the symbolism of a Pre-Raphaelite painting such as Ophelia. Not having studied Art at GCSE meant that I had to learn new techniques such as mono-printing or dry point within a short amount of time and this progress is shown in my AS sketchbooks.

Mathematics is a subject I have enjoyed throughout my school years, however I believe my AS grade does not reflect my full potential. Classical Civilisation was a subject that I thoroughly enjoyed at GCSE. The modules within the course led me to research about the history of architecture during the Greek and Roman periods. I learned about the detail in which buildings were designed, from the frieze on temples to common buildings such as homes and various key elements which reflected a part of their culture.

English Literature allowed me to broaden my knowledge of Literature by studying novels and poems. This subject has also taught me how to understand someone else’s opinion and counteract with a valid argument through essay-writing and class debates. I feel that this quality will be helpful when discussing social and environmental aspects of designing buildings.

Computing enables me to understand the way in which a system works, and the opportunity to create my own system as part of my A2 unit led me to understand several aspects of computers such as programming, creating databases and working with clients. I have been interested in CAD since I was introduced to it briefly during Textiles Technology at GCSE and since then, I have practiced personal projects with programs such as Photoshop and AutoCAD.

I enjoy helping with teaching lower school students as I usually help out in art lessons on a weekly basis and have also taken part in a peer mentoring scheme in which I was able to guide Year 11 students for their GCSE exams. This is something from which I gained an insight about taking on responsibility and having leadership skills. This year I am also part of the Student Council, and as a sixth form student, it is my responsibility to ensure that input from all key stages are being taken into account during organisation of events or simply for new changes.

Volunteering weekly at Cancer Research helps me gain customer service and work as part of a team for an important cause. I also read novels, and often write works of fiction, including topics such as mystery, crime and coming of age.

I regularly play badminton and I would like to carry this hobby with me to university. Recently I have enrolled on an online course for creative writing in order to broaden my writing skills. A personal visit to Bath earlier this year also heightened this interest in past architectural designs from the Greek and Roman periods and the elements which we still may use today such as arches or aqueducts. I would like to study Architecture at university because I believe that a combination of my skills and creativity will let me integrate well within this course. I am keen to learn about how current technology is used to develop extraordinary and unique buildings, taking culture, nature or even the past as inspiration.

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