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Landscape Design and Town Planning

Landscape Design and Town Planning

Landscape Design and Town Planning

Town planning is concerned with the study of land use, and each country has its planning system, including those involved in the UK. Town planning aims to ensure a sustainable environment and a better economic development. Landscape design involves the practice of landscape designers, combining culture and nature together. In contemporary culture, landscape design connects garden design and architecture.

What A Levels do I need?

Entry requirements for courses in this area tend to differ regarding the university and the course itself, however, some institutions may ask for grades BBC to ABB in A-level form. Although, students are advised to check with their chosen institutions and degree courses to ensure they understand what UCAS entry points they need to obtain to gain admission into a university.

What are my study options?

Students who wish to study in this area are available to explore the areas separately, or as a combined degree with relevant and connecting subjects, such as architecture. Some degree choices are as follows: a Bachelor’s of Arts (BA) degree in Planning and Geography, Town Planning and Architecture, Country Planning and Social Policy, Landscape and Garden Design, Spatial Economics and Developments, Landscape Design and Architecture.

What should I expect from studying Landscape Design and Town Planning?

Degrees in town planning and landscape design tend to last for three years unless students choose to enrol onto a sandwich course which includes a placement year. A placement year is where individuals typically spend the third year of their degree working within the industry or gaining work experience (Learn more – Is having a placement good for my degree).

How will I be assessed?

Students will be evaluated in an array of ways, from written coursework, group work, presentations and workshops as well as examinations and generally, a dissertation in the final year of study. As with the majority of degrees, the first year grades do not contribute to the overall degree classification.

What skills will I learn from studying Landscape Design and Town Planning?

Students who attend university will gain a variety of transferable skills during their time studying for a degree, from organisation and time-management due to working on deadlines and coursework, as well as social skills through presentations and group work.

Landscape Design and Town Planning - Drawing

Why study Landscape Design and Town Planning?

Studying town planning and landscape design is perfect for creative types who also share analytical skills and are interested in creating and improving living environments for society. Planners are typically not stuck in the office, or in meetings, as they tend to venture out into communities, interact, and gain an understanding of places, cultures and environment.

This type of degree is perfect for those who love the outdoors, and who wish to develop a critical approach as well as a solid grounding in town planning. Town planning is highly regarded in the building and construction environment, with graduates being successful in finding work after graduating.

What happens after I graduate?

Graduates may choose to continue with their studies or to gain experience in the industry. There are also many options to work in graduate jobs, suitable for individuals to collect work for their portfolio or to shadow other colleagues with more experience.

Will it help me get a job?

This area teaches candidates transferable skills, such as research, communication, presentation, as well as other useful skills that make seeking employment smoother and more successful.

What types of jobs can I get from studying Landscape Design and Town Planning?

Particular job areas that graduates may wish to enter after obtaining their degree include; landscape gardener, town planner, facilities management, housing officer, national and local government, conservation, civil service and transport planning. There may also be graduate schemes available with certain companies and organisations in this area.

What can I study after Landscape Design and Town Planning?

For graduates wishing to study after gaining their undergraduate degree, there are the options for postgraduate courses,  known as a Master’s qualification of Arts (MA)  including; Landscape design, town planning, urban design, architecture, urbanism and building in the development. Certain postgraduate courses may also combine two of these areas together.

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