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Art Personal Statements

UCAS Personal Statement Examples

The structure of any Art course will very much depend on the type of art degree you are studying and the university that you’re studying at. For example, if you’re studying a history of art degree, it is more likely to be much more essay-based than something like a fine arts degrees, which are likely to be of a practical nature and perhaps taught in studios or workshops. Fine arts degrees are also far more likely to conclude with an assessment via a project or a portfolio of work. They may be exhibited to the public, although some of the courses have a traditional dissertation or a supervised research project which is more commonly encountered in a history of art degree.

If you’re looking to study Art at university, you’ll be needing a personal statement, and luckily we have a number of Art Personal Statement examples below for you to look at!

If you’re looking to study Art at university, you can learn more about studying this degree by visiting our subject degree guide for Art – perfect for all students at all stages of their application.

University of Edinburgh, Graphic Design Personal Statement

Graphic Design is always around us, and learning how to communicate in a visual manner has inspired me to learn more about the subject….

Birmingham City University, Fashion Business and Promotion Personal Statement

Identity and individuality is often interpreted through the expression of fashion. I view apparel as an every day performance of personality. The inspiration of…

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