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Law Personal Statement Examples

UCAS Personal Statement Examples

Law Personal Statements

Law degrees have one of the most sought-after and one of the most widely respected courses to study at University today. For most students, a law degree is one of the first steps along the path towards a career in the legal sector; it is often followed by further study and the training needed to become a practising solicitor or even a barrister.

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University of Birmingham, Law Personal Statement

My attraction to law originates from my interest in justice and rewards.  Human behaviour is always alternating and law…

University of Leeds, Law Personal Statement

It is being observed that the law on parliamentary today is too vague, and very prone to abuse. Hence,…

SOAS University of London, LLB Law Personal Statement

Life is a constantly changing maze, where the question of right or wrong defines acceptable modes of behaviour. However,…

University of Bristol, Law Personal Statement

Law is the predominant overarching factor in defining the stability of our society. My fervent interest in Law developed…

Coventry University, Law LLB Personal Statement

I once read that the idea of law started in Egypt with the phrase ‘an eye for an eye…

University of Liverpool, Law and Politics Personal Statement

To say that the world is “immoral” is perhaps an overtly harsh critique, but we do, as we always…

University of Bristol, Law Personal Statement

‘At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice, he is the worst.’…

King’s College London, Law Personal Statement

Law is significant to everyday life past, present and future. I’ve always been interested in the world around me…

SOAS University of London, Law Personal Statement

When I feel someone has been wronged, I have an overwhelming urge to say or do something….

University of Liverpool, Law and Criminology Personal Statement

A recent trip to the Royal Courts of Justice reaffirmed my interest in law and…

University of York, Law Personal Statement

Human experience reveals that everything is governed by systems. We observe that nature, for example, follows its own procedures;…

Bangor University, Law Personal Statement

I am interested in studying a law degree after attending the local courts to observe law in…

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