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Psychology Personal Statement Examples

UCAS Personal Statement Examples

Psychology Personal Statements

A Psychology degree has three stages, all of which comprise of 120 credits (Which is equivalent to a full one year’s university study). However, most students study around 60 credits a year, which can take an average of six years to complete.

The Personal Statements we provide here are all successful statements that have passed rigorous tests; the statements will give you an insight into some of the content that you need to get your Personal Statement to where it needs to be!

If you’re looking to study Psychology at university, you can learn more about studying this degree by visiting our subject degree guide for Psychology – perfect for all students at all stages of their application.

University of Oxford, Psychology and Philosophy Personal Statement

For centuries humanity has pondered the definitions of truth and falsehood. For many, the truth is simply common sense, which…

University of Portsmouth, Criminology & Forensic Studies Personal Statement

Lewis F. Korns simply stated, ‘Crime is as much a condition as an intention’. This quote resonates with me…

University Of Leicester, Phycology Personal Statement

My first experience in the field of psychology was in year 9, I was asked to complete a project…

University of Leicester, Psychology Personal Statement

Psychology influences our everyday decisions and moulds us into who we are. Growing up as a transgender youth, studying…

University of East Anglia, Psychology Personal Statement

“What was life without connection?” Oliver Sacks is highlighting that life is a series of interconnections between people, experiences,…

University of East Anglia, Phycology Personal Statement

I have always looked at the people around me and wondered why they behaved in the way they do….

University of Liverpool, Law and Criminology Personal Statement

A recent trip to the Royal Courts of Justice reaffirmed my interest in law and…

Aston University, Psychology Personal Statement

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” (Margaret Mead). I have always been fascinated in…

Cardiff University, Psychology Personal Statement

A few years ago, I watched as one of my best friend battled with anorexia. I remember how frail…

Liverpool John Moores University, Criminology and Psychology Personal Statement

Little interests me more than trying to unwind the endless enigma of the human mind; why people do what…

Aston University, Psychology Personal Statement

My desire for wanting to pursue psychology in higher education not only stems from a personal perspective but also…

University of Reading, Psychology Personal Statement

While growing up, an individual experiences countless differing fields of psychology without even realising it. These can range from…

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