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University Compare iPhone App

University Compare iPhone App

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The new University Compare app has just made applying to university and Clearing that much easier. With hundreds of institutions and thousands of courses at your fingertips, your career path is one step closer and within reach.

It has the best features of the website, like searching for courses, universities and subject areas, where you can compare and choose the right course for you. With 426 universities and more than 36,000 courses you can filter your search options to only explore the institutions that you are interested in – gone are the days of looking alphabetically! – saving you valuable time in the application process.

By searching by keywords or what the course title will be, you can look through the available courses and check out the statistics. Attending to university is a big step and you need to know what you’re getting yourself into by looking at how much lecture time, independent study and placement time there is, as well as if you’re going to spend the three years writing coursework or revising for exams! You can check out this information on every course page to help you make this important decision.

The university’s profile pages are full of helpful information, with real student’s reviews and a summary of the institution. You can scroll through what it is like to study at that university each year of the course, and how great the nightlife and accommodation was, giving you an idea what it will be like if you became a student there too.

The excitement doesn’t end here, as, on the 8th August Clearing begins for Scotland and is then followed swiftly by the rest of the UK which is on the 17th August, which means that the Clearing Section will go live, featuring all available Clearing courses. Ahead of Scotland and England’s results day, you can browse Clearing vacancies before you receive your results, giving you enough time to prepare for every possible outcome.

Clearing can be a difficult time and can pass you by very quickly, but when you have got your results and looking for a course, the app points you in the right direction. When searching for a course through Clearing, you can check if you have the right entry requirements and call the university – bridging the gap between searching and accepting an offer. All 426 universities have the calling option, and will take you directly to the Clearing or admission helplines of that institution; getting you that universities spot quicker.

If you’re still unsure about any aspect of the application process, our Student Advice Section or our Clearing Section features everything you’ll come across. From Student Finance, interviews to UCAS entry points – it’s covered. Also, the Student News section will keep you up to date with the latest information and advice on the next big stage of your adult life.

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