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About this University

As a student at Riverside College you will be at the centre of everything we do.

We have a simple ambition:
We want you to reach your full potential during your valuable time with us.

We aim to provide:

  • The very best teaching
  • Personal tutors and teachers who really care for you
  • A wide range of enrichment activities from sport, to trips, visits, and student clubs
  • Additional support for those students who require extra help with their studies
  • A friendly, caring and safe environment with high standards at all times

Visitors to the college frequently comment on its supportive and friendly atmosphere. I believe this comes from the strong relationships which exist between staff and students creating a college community where each person is valued and can flourish.

We have made significant investments in creating state of the art vocational facilities. This ensures that you develop skills using the latest technology and equipment essential for today’s job market.

Our state of the art facilities include:

  • Engineering and Construction Skills Centre
  • Training Restaurant and Kitchens
  • Clinical Practice Ward
  • IT and Computing Suites
  • Motor Vehicle / Motorsport Workshops
  • Salons and Nail Bar
  • Indoor and Outdoor Enrichment Areas

We are extremely proud of the service we provide to our community, and I look forward to making you welcome at the college in September.

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University Address:

Riverside College
Kingsway, WA8 7QQ