Royal National College for the Blind at Hereford

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About this University

The Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) is honoured to be the UK’s leading specialist residential college of further education for people with a visual impairment. Since 1872, we have been building on our expertise and successes, which enable the College to offer a variety of products and services to a diverse audience. It’s not all about education for the 120 or so learners who come through our doors each year – we also offer specialist training and support to businesses, universities and other education providers, and specialist professionals working with visually impaired people.

From philanthropic beginnings in London to Shropshire, via a brief stay in Kent as World War II broke, to finally settling in Hereford, The RNC has remained a beacon for people with a variety of visual impairments to increase their independence, build confidence and to learn academically, vocationally and socially.

The College is proud of its history of over 140 years and the pioneering work it continues to do, including sports, lobbying, work based learning and independent living skills. Partnerships with key organisations, businesses and individuals enables the student body to participate in a range of activities from Duke of Edinburgh Awards to national elite sports events – amazing experiences that students tell us really add to and change their lives.

RNC is also home to community and commercial enterprises, each of which stems from and feeds back into the students’ learning experience. Please visit the Chapel, thePoint4 and Gardner Hall pages for more information, as well as finding out what our charitable fundraising aims are in the Support Us section of the website.

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Royal National College for the Blind at Hereford
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