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Admissions Tests

Admissions Tests

Admissions Tests

Admission tests are similar to university interviews, as institutions use these to determine whether they wish to offer a place to a prospective student. Whether in the form of a paper you need to pass or another format; they are designed to give the university an indication of your current knowledge of your chosen subject.

What are admission tests?

Admission tests are entrance examinations that universities use to select students for the course.

When to register for admission tests?

Most admission tests are taken at the beginning of the academic cycle. You may need to register to take them before you send your application, or you may be automatically registered when you apply to the university.

What university courses have admission tests?

The majority of courses that have admission tests have UCAS deadlines for the middle of October.  Lots of universities may have admission tests, but it won’t be for every course that they offer. You can check on the UCAS or university’s website to see if your course will require you to take a test.

What are the most common admission tests?

LNAT and Cambridge’s own admission test of Law are popular for Law degrees and BMAT and UKCAT for the Medicine. You can get helpful resources online and books to help you prepare for the tests.

What are the most common subject areas to have tests?

Law, Mathematics, Medicine and Thinking Skills Assessment are the most common subject areas. The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are the most common institutions to administer the tests.

What type of tests are there?

From BMAT to UKCAT, you can research what each test is like to better prepare yourself. The majority are written with pen and paper and take the form of a question and answer test with the possibility of some essay work.

Why do universities use admission tests when they ask for A-Levels and/or UCAS points?

Universities understand that you will not know everything about your chosen subject area, but are looking to see what you do know. This is also a good opportunity for the university to see your passion for the subject.

How can I prepare for the tests?

Revise what you have previously been taught and do some independent learning of your own to show initiative. Remember, universities are not looking for experts but simply a passion for your chosen course.

To find out if your course or university have admission tests, check out the information here on the UCAS website.

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