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This Indonesian island sits just off the coast of North Australia, and it’s warm and inviting beaches are reason enough to visit this gorgeous country, no wonder it’s so high on our list! A 30 day free visa is available for UK citizens, this has only been introduced recently so thumbs up for that! For a small island, there is a huge diversity, in terms of the differences between towns.

We will start the comparisons of Kuta and Seminyak, only 15 minutes apart from each other in a cab (extremely cheap). Kuta is a very busy town, full of bars, restaurants and markets; it is one of Bali less aesthetically pleasing towns. A nightclub that has to be mentioned is Sky Garden, an all you can eat and drink for just £5 (yes you did hear right, it’s hard to believe, but it is really that cheap).

Whereas if you make the short journey to Seminyak, the overall vibe is a lot more chilled when compared to the hustle and bustle of Kuta. Hostels are slightly more expensive in Seminyak, but it is very common for groups of backpackers to rent villas as when the bill is split between the ground, it can be the same price as a hostel each. The bars and restaurants are pricier here and some places, Potato Head, will set prices the same, if not more than that in the UK. Potato Head is very popular with backpackers, although the prices are higher than the average in Bali, the facilities are at a high quality, so you do get for what you pay for.

Ubud, around an hour and a half from Kuta and Seminyak and has a completely different vibe. It’s popular as the town is stunning, surrounded by rainforest, rice paddies and temples. Its also home to a Monkey nature reserve, so really is a great place to relax, unwind and meet some of the mischievous monkeys.

Bali hosts the Gili Islands; Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, three tiny and amazing islands. A boat from the main island will take you to two hours to get to the islands. Each island has different activities and attractions, although all islands are popular with scuba diving and snorkelling. Prices are slightly more expensive than mainland Bali but are still cheaper than those in the UK.


  • Food and drink in most parts are cheap
  • Lots of attractions and activities
  • Cheap accommodation
  • Free 30 day visa


  • Little to no work available for travellers, pay would be low too.
  • Personal safety has been known to be a problem for many people, with lots of reports indicating that pickpocketing and various other theft related crimes are rife.