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Choosing the Right University

Choosing the Right University

Choosing the Right University

Before you start searching for a university, it’s important to have made a final choice on which course you want to study. Once you’ve made this decision, you will need to narrow down the universities that offer your chosen course. By adjusting the search to match your expected grades, you can find the perfect university for you. Here are some things to consider when searching for a prospective institution:

Should you stay at home or live at University?

One of the biggest decisions to make when choosing a university is whether you will move away or stay at home.  You can move into halls at university or choose to stay at home and commute to lectures every day. If you are worried about moving away, check how long it would take to travel to university each time and decide if it is realistically achievable every week. Don’t underestimate how tiring commuting can be.

Does it have Everything that you want?

Does the university have a wide variety of sports, societies, a gym on campus and classrooms that support the courses? These will all enhance your stay at university and are important factors to consider, check the top universities for sport if this is an important factor for you. Even something as simple as car parking can make your university experience more enjoyable.

Is it too far away?

Moving far away can be hard to handle, and you may feel homesick at university. You don’t have to move to another country to get the full effect of the university experience, moving a few hours from home may not seem so daunting.

What type of University is Right for you?

University life is about more than just studying, it is your life for the next three to four years, and we want to make sure you get the most out of it. Choose a university that is perfect for you, use our University City Guide to see what they have to offer. What type of university suits you? Are you attracted to the city nightlife, activities and student clubs and bars? Or maybe a university situated in a quiet town, or near the countryside with breath-taking views is more your style? Research the local area of the university you are interested in, you need to be sure it is where you want to be for the next three years.

How much will it cost?

It is rarely mentioned, but the cost of living can change depending on where you are. Attending a London university will cost more compared to a university in the North of England. Work out the cost of rent, a weekly shop, bills and travel for your chosen area, not only will it better prepare you, it will make for good practice when you are living alone and need to balance your finances..

Looking at the facts

Take into account the benefit certain universities have for certain jobs and careers. If you want a career in Television Production, attending a university with a high pass rate or a high employment percentage in this area is a plus. Remember to check out these rates for the subject area themselves, as sometimes the overall rates for the university do not serve the course(s) justice. Also, consider where the university ranks, as rankings take into account a number of university statistics, from teacher to student ratio, research facilities and of course, successful work placements for graduates. The rankings can include angles that you didn’t consider, but can make a difference.

Once all of these points have been considered, begin by checking out each individual university on their own profile pages and begin to compare unis. On the pages, you can see who has been near the university area by logging into Facebook via the site, read real reviews written by real students and check out the university’s statistics. Now that you have a personal feel of that university, find out their open days and attend them. This is a great opportunity, as most decisions about university can be made by gut instinct or when walking the grounds. Don’t forget to check our open day section to see if one of your chosen universities has an open day coming soon.

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