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Do You Need to Take Your Car to University?

Do You Need to Take Your Car to University?

Do You Need to Take Your Car to University?

Starting university and moving away seems very grown up and the beginning of the next stage of your adult life – but not everything is needed. We have the disadvantages of bringing your car to university, even if it’s your pride and joy, it is a part of you or you named it some exotic name you heard in a movie once, there are always reasons not to take it.


So what if petrol is cheaper by 2p here than it is at home? It still is quite expensive, and your Maintenance loan isn’t going to stretch to petrol! Think of the trips to the take out at 3 am and road trips you’ll want to do every weekend!


If people know you have a car, you’ll gain 500 best friends but absolutely no free time. If you’re popping to the shop, someone will want a lift; if you are going into town, yep, they’ll ask for a ride, if you are going on a date, we bet someone will ask for you to drop them off!

Designated Driver

Taxis are expensive, yeah? Even with an Uber student discount, especially when you are going out drinking a lot, but if there is a driver in the crowd – that’s you! – Then why pay a taxi when you can drive them home! Make sure you’re not always left sober!

Do You Need to Take Your Car to University - Car at university


There might not be good parking around your university, and you could be stuck parking a few roads down and having to walk 15 minutes! What was the point of having a car when you could walk to a lecture or the shop anyway!

Student lifestyle

This means your pristine and shiny car might not look its best by the end of the first semester, with all of the McDonalds bags, pizza boxes, energy drinks, kebab stains and the smell of vomit on the back seat, they might change the state of your car slightly…

Home isn’t that far away

If your university is less than three hours drive, your family and friends might expect to see you even though you have moved away! Be prepared to turn them down at some point, even if your Nana is missing you.

There are lots of reasons to take or not to take a car to university, but, not having it with you can relieve a lot of unnecessary stress!

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