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Essential Items for Your Student House

Essential Items for Your Student House

Essential Items for Your Student House

The fresh start that the majority of students have been dreaming of has nearly arrived, it’s also a step into the unknown, as many students don’t know what to expect when living in university halls. The dreams of student nights, pre-drinking and moving away from home will be fulfilled sooner than you think and as you begin to pack for the next year of your life, it can be hard to pack successfully. However, we have the essential items for every university student house here for you to have everything you will ever need as a student.

Be careful who you listen to

Your parents, friends, siblings, family members will inevitably tell you what you should and shouldn’t take to university, and you’ll try your hardest not to listen to them. However, instead of taking their advice into account you actually just add their suggestions on top of what you’re already taking – making it seem almost impossible to fit into the car! Your nearest and dearest will have some great advice, and especially if they have gone to university recently but every individual is different excluding the essentials. You don’t have to take the copy of every Shakespeare Play if you’re studying for Biology degree or not even 100% certain that you will sign up to that Shakespearian Society.

Take the items that you will need and want with you, especially if you are moving 100s of miles away as travelling back to pick something up will now become unlikely, but that doesn’t mean you have to take your entire room with you.

Small horizons

Yes the future seems to be paved in front of you for now, and you can smell the freedom when the wind changes, but your new life doesn’t include a 3 bedroom apartment to yourself. It most likely includes the smallest room you can ever imagine, and any students who have been camping beforehand can now use their acquired skills efficiently (you knew they would become useful one day). The dorm room you will spend the next university year in, will undoubtedly be smaller than your bedroom at home, and your belongings for which you’re taking with you should reflect this.


What you have packed already: your teddy bear you’ve had since a child, several hundred photographs to pin up on your wall, a hot water bottle and an extension cable.

To print out photos for your university room, check out PhotoBox, they can help you with 100 free prints!

What you need to pack: A load of hangers, a diffuser (because you won’t be allowed candles and your room will probably smell), mattress protector and an extra set of bedding. Who knows what smelly student slept in your bed before you? And the bed will not be Ikea comfy so the extra padding will work wonders you cannot imagine. And that extra duvet set will come in handy when after a night out you are somehow sick all over your pillow but not on your clothes.

Essential Items for Your Student House - Packed boxes and bags on a bed


What you have packed already: That student cookbook your aunt bought you (which you were instantly offended by as you already know how to cook beans on toast thank you very much), plates and cutlery, tea towels and your favourite mug you received at your part-time work’s Secret Santa.

What you need to pack for university: A couple of tea towels (who end up performing three jobs as; hand-dryers, cheap-versions-of-oven-gloves, and used to clean up spills when you can’t be bothered to fetch the dishcloth to wash it properly), a cheese grater – cheese will be your life now – and that toasty maker which will undoubtedly make you the best person in the dorm.

What you can throw out of your suitcase

Firstly, your car is not essential, especially if you’re living in Student Halls where everything is in walking distance, and the university parking is limited and impossible on certain days! You won’t need the kettle as your communal kitchen will have one, and you can leave your TV plugged in your bedroom at home as it is not only anti-social but you have your laptop anyway!

What nobody ever thinks of packing

That umbrella will come in handy when you have to run to the shops for that diet coke at 7 in the morning, or that dressing gown when you forget to bring the towel with you into the shower or when you don’t feel like dressing that day. And don’t forget that contents insurance (see a full list of student contents insurance via gocompare.com here) to cover all of your important and essential items such as; laptop, speakers, mobile phone and textbooks.

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