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What to Expect on SQA Results Day

What to Expect on SQA Results Day

What to Expect on SQA Results Day

SQA results day is a day full of mixed emotions, you are bound to feel excited, but it is also completely normal to feel nervous. After all the hard work put in across the year, there is a lot riding on your results, and for many, it can be the stepping stone to the next part of your life, be it a world of education, apprenticeships or to secure a work placement. Whatever happens, do not panic when you receive your result, whether good or bad, expected or unexpected there are plenty of options for everyone. For a minority of people, it can be a disappointing and hectic day, so it is important that you understand what to expect on SQA results day. If you want to know what are SQAs, click here.

How will I receive my results on SQA Results Day?

All SQA results will be delivered by first class post to the address registered to your personal Scottish Candidate Number (SCN), this is the number you will have used throughout all of your assessments and exams. Your SQA results will be presented as a Scottish Qualifications Certificate (SQC). If you have pre-registered online, you may be expecting to receive your results as a text message or an email slightly earlier than waiting for the post, so make sure you keep your phone and laptop nearby to check for results. Even if you have signed up to receive your results via text or email, you will still receive your official SQC in the post. It is important that you store these certificates in a safe place as they will be used to prove your examination results in further applications.

When will I get my results?

For all results sitting this year, results are expected to be received on Tuesday 8th August 2017, sent out via the post. However, if you are too impatient to wait for the post, or if you won’t be at your registered address on results day, you can sign up in advance to SQA’s MySQA online system, which gives you the option to receive your SQA results via text or email from 8am on the morning of results day. Signing up to this online service also enables you to check your record throughout the year which will minimise any surprises on results day, while allowing you to take note of your progress. Make sure you have signed up well in advance of results day and carefully selected the options to ensure you will receive the results in the way you want. It will be disappointing if all your friends have received theirs and you are still waiting!

How will I find out if I have been accepted into university?

If you are planning on continuing onto further education and have applied to a university or college, the SQA will electronically send your SQA results to the Universities and Colleges Admission Services (UCAS) (If you’re unfamiliar with any other university terms, you can view our University Terms Glossary, here). On the morning of receiving your SQA results, you will be able to log into your UCAS Track account, using your unique login, to see if your university choice has been accepted for your further study. From this, you will also be able to gauge what your results might be if you have not yet received your results.

SQA Results Day - Fall leaves at university

What if I have not been accepted into my first choice university?

If you have not been accepted into your first choice university, this will be shown when you log into UCAS on SQA results day. It may be that you have been accepted into your second choice university; however, if you have been unsuccessful on both options, you can go through UCAS Clearing to secure a university place to commence study the same year. Clearing provides a list of all universities (You can also perform a university search, here.) and courses that have places still available. On receiving your results you are able to phone these specific universities to check their availability of places and using your unique Clearing number, available on your UCAS account, a university tutor will be able to see your full UCAS application. You may then be asked to apply to the university using the Clearing choices on UCAS.

What if I am out of the country on results day?

If you are expected to be out of the country on SQA results day, you can still receive your SQA results on the same day as your peers by using the text or email system in place. Prior to results day, make sure you are registered to receive your results in this way by creating an account online to MySQA. Once your account has been created and activated, you can log in you can change your preferences and update your email and phone number. You will still receive your Scottish Qualification Certificate in the post. It is also worth planning for what may happen should you need to use UCAS Clearing options or if you need advice from a school or college tutor. Before you leave, check if your holiday accommodation has accessible Wi-Fi, write down an email address of a tutor who will be able to help you should you need it and check if you are able to use your phone abroad without being overcharged. Hopefully, all will go to plan, and you can enjoy your holiday celebrating!

What if I do not receive my certificate in the post?

Firstly do not panic! If you do not receive your Scottish Qualification certificate in the post, it is essential that you contact your school or college as soon as possible. By contacting your school or college, your tutor will be able to confirm your SQA results and will then chase the postal arrival of your Scottish Qualification Certificate.

What if I do not receive a text or email containing my results?

There may be several reasons why you have not received your exam results via text or email. If this case arises it is worth double checking you have previously registered for a MySQA account, activated the account and have signed up on this account to receive exam results via text or email. It is only if you have followed these steps before results day that you should be expecting to receive your results in this format. If you are confident that you have opted in for this service, check online that your mobile number and email address are correct. If you are abroad, it may be that your mobile phone does not have enough credit to receive the text message, or an email may have incorrectly landed into a junk folder instead of your inbox. If you have followed these steps and are still concerned that you have not received your results, use the help email or phone number provided by MySQA.

SQA Results Day - Person on the phone

Telephone support

If you are unsure what your results mean or the layout of your certificate, or if you think you are missing something, there is a telephone advice line for you to call, this number will be found on the letter accompanying your certificate and is open from Tuesday 9th August until Friday 12th August 2017. However the advisers will not be able to help you with specific marks or any breakdowns, they will be unable to talk to a parent or carer without your permission, so it is always best if you make the initial call, even if it is your parents that have a query regarding the appearance of the certificate.

What if anything is wrong?

If you think that anything is incorrect with your SQA results, it is important that you contact your school, college or centre to discuss this with them as soon as possible.

Most of all it is important to celebrate your results with friends and family. You will have put in a lot of hard work throughout the year to receive your SQA results and results day is a chance to recognise your successes and prepare for the next step!  

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