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Gap Year Guide: Vietnam

Gap Year Guide: Vietnam

Gap Year Guide: Vietnam

Vietnam has long been the attraction of many people looking to take gap years, the country has been famed for lots of things over the years, but how does it fare for those looking to take a gap year?

Vietnam holds a great deal of history, and it’s something you can get very involved in. In the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese adopted a new technique of fighting, guerrilla warfare, creating traps and mines. On tour, these traps, similar to those in the SAW films, are shown and explained. Another attraction of Vietnam are the tunnels that they created during the war, so they were not seen by the opposition. During the tour you are able to actually go down and explore the tunnels, so you can experience what it was like back in the war. The country’s capital, Ho Chi Minh City, is home to both of these attractions, they really are a must see!

In one of BBC’s Top Gear episodes, the guys visit Vietnam to test out some new cars. The route they take, Hue to Hoi An, has been a popular route that travellers have duplicated and is often done on motorbikes. Whether you rent a bike for the day or join a bike tour, which is typically booked through a gap year agencies, it’s an experience that should be on the bucket list, to enjoy the views of the Hai Vann Pass.

Vietnam Gap Year Guide - Motorbikes by the river

Finding a hostel in Vietnam is not a difficult task, they are everywhere and to make things better, the prices are low too. Some hostels can be as little as £6 per night, and we are talking to full works, private room with balcony, swimming pool and a gym are just some of the pleasures that come with that low cost!


  • Great expat support.
  • Free beer in some places, no catches… you actually get free beer! If you can’t find these places, the price of a beer can cost as little as 16p.
  • Wonderful beaches, jungles and cities.
  • Wide range of activities
  • Free 15 day Visa for UK citizens.
  • Hoi An is the famous town to get your tailor made suites for a very good price… so you’re ready for that important all university interview ;)


  • Pollution levels are very high.
  • Petty crime levels are even higher than most countries.
  • Visa will have to be purchased if your time in Vietnam exceeds 15 days

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