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Is a Gap Year Overrated?

Is a Gap Year Overrated?

Is a Gap Year Overrated?

Results day has vanished as quickly as it appeared and some students have been left to decide what they plan to do for the next three or four years. Although this is an unnerving time for the majority of young people facing this decision, there are several options available. A handful of individuals considers taking a year out between A Levels and a degree to travel, explore, re-sit exams or to gain experience. However, is the gap year overrated, or is it exactly what you need to do?

The majority of students choose to take this year out to go traveling or to re-sit courses or exams that they didn’t receive the right grades (learn more – retaking exams during a gap year). The most vital part of this process, regardless of its duration, is that you get the decision and information right for you, and you only.

Although rarely, some students even spend two or three years before choosing to attend higher education. The gap year does not guarantee that students will know what they want to do at the end of it. No matter how much the answer is anticipated by students, it might not arrive when you want it to.

Students who have decided to re-sit BTEC or A Level exams (learn more – retaking A levels) to get a place on the desired degree course may feel frustrated or defeated, which in turn can again affect their grades. If this is the case, you can enter Clearing (learn more – what is Clearing) to check if there is a different or similar course or university that you can go to with the grades that you currently hold. There is also the opportunity to call the institution that you applied to previously and see if they will give you a place even though you missed the university entry requirements. If students wish to study for another year, they need to ensure that this is what they want to do, and that their college or sixth form provides this.

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The wide-eyed traveller is common in most young people and spending time oversees after receiving their results occurs often. Traveling and seeking adventure is a great way to explore the world as well as yourself as a person before setting off into your adult life. Although it is harder than it seems. Traveling or exploring costs money, and a lot of preparation, this is why Travel insurance, visas, transportation tickets and guides will cost money and time, and you may need to find work or to save up beforehand to ensure it runs smoothly, this is where the use of gap year agencies come into play, they will help with planning the trip. The experiences gained while abroad are one-of-a-kind, but again, do not expect to find a definitive answer by the time you land back home.

Once students receive their results the options ahead of them can seem limited, scary or shattered altogether. However, there is always something that can be done and a path that can be used – you won’t be left behind. If you are deciding to take a gap year out ensure that it is for the right reasons and not simply because your friends are doing it and you don’t want to take the next big step alone (learn more – should you go on a gap year?). Gap years are perfect for students who want to travel, work, gain experience or to sit exams, or even for young individuals who have no idea what they want to specialise in or do for the next fifty years of their life.

If you work hard during your time away from education or work, then it won’t matter how you spent your gap year because you would know it was completely worth it.

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