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Gap Year & Travelling

Gap Year & Travelling

Gap Year & Travelling

Taking a gap year after you receive your A Level results and before you study at higher education is a popular choice for students. University will always be waiting for you once you return from your adventures.

Volunteer Work

There are so many opportunities out there when it comes to volunteer work. You can volunteer at a local charity, church or organisation. There are also life changing opportunities such as travelling to another country to help others in need of support.

Work Experience

You could spend this time to gain experience in a field you are interested in studying. It is best to start applying for work experience before the year starts to give you enough time to plan.

Trying New Things

This can be a fantastic opportunity to travel or to try new experiences. Some students travel for a certain amount of time or take a new class or hobby. Use this time away from education to explore your interests.

Working for a Year

This is the most popular option that students decide to take. This is so they can save for university before they go, giving them a heads-up on finances, and to gain life experience. Working has an amazing affect on young people, offering experiences and life lessons that are priceless.

Take an Interest in your Local Community

This a great chance to give back to your community. Check out your local companies that offer services, especially to young adults as the programmes can be an inspiring way to give back. From business courses to helping to set up a meeting at the local hall, all experiences will set you apart from your peers when you apply for university.

Completing an Extra Year of Study

You may have the opportunity to stay an extra year and to take some more AS/A-Levels. This can be a great opportunity to support your application & to gain more UCAS points (learn more – understanding UCAS entry points).

Taking Exam Re-sits & Re-marks

If you were unhappy with your results, you can retake exams during a gap year this allows more time for revision, or request a re-mark. Remember with re-marks that your overall result can be deducted as well as increased, meaning you could get worse than the original result. Having different marks could change which university and course you attend, affecting your entire educational future.

Research the University’s Policy on Gap Years

If you are attending a university open day, ask an advisor on their policy on gap years or deferring your place until the following year. You want to make sure your place at a university will be safe while you are away for the year.

Whether you have deferred your place or are applying again through UCAS (learn more – UCAS application) the following year, talk about your gap year in your personal statement or interview. Universities will like to hear about what you did during this time off especially if it is connected to your degree.

Learn About New Cultures 

Travelling abroad will allow you to learn more about new cultures. The more you learn, the better. Going abroad will give you an insight into how different cultures live their lives and can also help you to appreciate your own too, the more you learn about a culture, the more you can see how the world works too. Plenty of students have said that they have learned valuable life lessons as a result of travelling abroad and seeing how “the other half lives”.

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