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What Happens After You Send Off Your UCAS Application?

What Happens After You Send Off Your UCAS Application?

What Happens After You Send Off Your UCAS Application?

Congratulations! You have finished your UCAS application which you’ve been slaving over for what feels like forever! Now, what happens after you send off your UCAS application? In some cases it can be really tough to not worry about the next steps and whether universities will offer you a place on a course. We’re letting you know what happens after submission day and what to expect in the coming months.

Once you have uploaded your application, completed all of the final checks, attached your reference and nervously click submit it’s time to relax. You’ve spent months researching universities, attending open days and finding courses that open up the path to the rest of your life, it is now time to relax. You have done all of your hard work! Take a little break before the next battle begins.

Avoid temptation
It is really hard to avoid logging into UCAS Track every day and checking whether universities have accepted you or not. But try not to! If you feel the need to check then set a day of the week and allow yourself

Universities contacting you
You will receive an email from the universities which you need to attend interviews or to complete testing as part of their selection process. However, this is usually stated in the prospectus or course, or in degrees such as teaching, nursing, and mathematics. Your email will state what tests you need to do, where you need to go etc.

Knuckling down
The next step is simple: you have to study! Revise, revise and revise! Some universities will offer you conditional or unconditional offers, that are based on your qualifications which you already have or going to get in your results. So, stop worrying about what the universities are going to do and get those grades you’re predicted!

Open day opportunities
If you applied to a handful of universities and went for the full application option on UCAS (More than one), then the next few months is a perfect opportunity to attend as many open days for your chosen institutions that you can. It can help you make a decision on what university you want to go to, especially if they all offer you a place. Work out an order of preferred universities so if you don’t get into one, you know what the next best thing is from your list.

Understanding all options
Lastly, you need to give yourself a break and realise that sometimes things don’t work out as planned and this could mean you don’t get a university place at all – which is perfectly fine. You should read up on gap years, travelling, volunteering, apprenticeship programs, internships, job opportunities and even Clearing. There are so many different roads and paths to take, and many of them do still lead you to obtain a degree or a qualification. In the meantime, get those study books open!

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