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Laos is popular with travellers, being such a small country the time spent here is around 7 – 14 days, 30-day visa will cost you around £30 (this is the minimum visa). Hostels are less popular is Laos, hotels are used as the prices are very low. The hostels that are available only provide private rooms rather than dorms, so make sure you hang out in the communal areas to meet people.

I’m sure tubing will be on your list of things to do while in Laos and if it isn’t, it will now after we explain what it is…. You are picked up from your hostel (all very reasonably priced), and you’re taken to a river, sounds scary right now, but I assure you it gets extremely fun! You then receive a rubber ring, so get yourself onto that and flow down the river and take in all the views surrounding you. While you make your way down to the river, staff then throw a rope out to you and pull you in. Each ‘stop’ will have a bar so that you can order food and drinks, essentially a bar crawl on water. Each ‘stop’ will have different activities to do for example one the ‘stops’ has a huge mud pool, and everyone jumps in there together, it’s get really messy and is lots of fun!

Another reason why Laos attracts so many travellers are the incredible caves, lagoons and waterfalls. All can be experienced as part of a tour, or you can privately rent a motorbike for the day and make your own way there (lots of maps available to direct you). Upon arrival to the caves there will be locals that will rent you a head torch (grab one of these!) then you make your way down to the caves (which are in water by the way, so bring your swimwear). The blue lagoon will be full of backpackers, great area to chill out and meet some like minded people. The waterfalls are incredible and should be visited, but if time is not on your hands the Kuang Si waterfall in Luang Prabang is breathtaking, and you will have access to the bear rescue centre nearby and the butterfly park.


  • Lots of activities – Tubing is a pretty unique experience
  • Cheap hotel rooms / private rooms
  • Amazing scenery


  • No free Visa (although they are only around £30)
  • Lower quality of food when compared to the other South-east Asian countries
  • Roads are of a low quality, lots of dirt tracks – can be dangerous