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Lloyds Student Account

Lloyds Student Account

Lloyds Student Account

Lloyds has always been one of the most popular banks in the UK. It is one of the “Big Four” clearing banks, which also includes Barclays, HSBC and The Royal Bank of Scotland. Lloyds has been one of the most attractive banks for students to use as the Lloyds student accounts all offer very attractive incentives for students to take advantage of.

Lloyds has existed since 1765 which makes it one of the oldest banks in the UK and (At the time of this article being published) means that it has been going for nearly two hundred and fifty one years, with its first branch opening in 1864.

Lloyds has a lot of incredibly attractive perks for students everywhere, the bank looks after you and has some incredibly attractive rates for all students too, which should have you itching to take up a Lloyds bank account. If you were to get yourself a Lloyds student account you would have a lot of perks at your fingertips, including:

  • Interest free and fee-free Planned Overdraft – You can apply for an interest and fee-free tiered Planned Overdraft of up to £1,500 in years 1-3 and up to £2,000 in years 4-6 (available if aged 18 or over).
  • Free everyday banking – You can now stay in credit plus you won’t actually have to pay monthly fees. You can bank your way with both internet and mobile banking, telephone banking, and also in any Lloyds Bank branch. Plus you can also get free text alerts.
  • Get up to 15% cashback using everyday offers at all of the type of places you regularly shop. This is available to all UK personal current account customers over 18, who bank online. Retailer offers and cashback amounts will vary.
  • You’ll get a Lloyds Bank Visa debit card and if you’re 18 or over, the debit card will be enabled for contactless payments, providing a faster way to pay for your everyday essentials.

Lloyds student accounts are very useful for you, though they may not offer much by way of different perks, the accounts are all perfect for you and what you need to do and their rates are very competitive. These are the best terms available for all students, it doesn’t matter what you search either to find better terms, even if you search Lloyds student account nus card, you won’t find better terms than these.

There are some added incentives however, such as a Free NUS Extra card for three years plus £75 off of any holiday you choose, there are also 15pc cashback on offers advertised by bank.

Bank Charges:

Lloyds’ interest free overdrafts start from £1,500 for years one to three and then £2,000 for years four to six. When it comes to overdrafts however, your overdraft is limited to £500 in the first six months, after which 8.21pc interest will kick in. With regards to charges themselves, Lloyds runs bank charges at the rates of:

  • An unplanned overdraft balance of £10 or less won’t ever incur a fee, however a buffer does apply.
  • If an unplanned overdraft balance is more than £10 but is less than £25, then the account holder will incur a charge of £5 per day.
  • If your unplanned overdraft balance is £25 or more, then you will incur a £10 fee per day.

Make sure you take your bank charges into account when applying for a Lloyds TSB student account.

If you’re looking to study at university, make sure that you check out all of the student bank accounts that we have on our site!

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