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Why Planning at University is Going to Help

Why Planning at University is Going to Help

Why Planning at University is Going to Help

Organisation isn’t a trait that every person, colleague and student has, however, planning at university is going to help you in some key areas that you’re going to want to succeed in.  Take a look at how planning will aid your studies, general university life and why you should spend a bit a more time focusing on being organisation and following through with your plan! Not only will planning help with your studies but with your university life, plans can be made to find where to live at university and other student housing options you may have.


The most significant results you’ll receive from incredible organisational skills will be from your exams. By setting time aside to study and revise in sufficient time to your exams and in the order that you’ll be sitting them and in importance, you will see results. Reading up on exam revision tips will benefit you massively, get these tips in your revision diary! Your exams count towards your final university grade – so they’re pretty important – and the best way to succeed is to your revision plan!


When it does come to revising, opening a textbook at a random page and taking notes from that topic won’t get you good grades. You will have to know what you need to work on and what information is important. Once you have planned out what areas will benefit from revision, you can sit down and learn!

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Your university timetable isn’t going to change, so you should plan your free time around this as studying is more important than completing that next level on Xbox. You can arrange your studying and social life around university so everything works well together and there are no clashes. Setting up a revision timetable will be extremely beneficial when it comes to exam season in the summer.

Stick to it

There is no point in talking about how organised you are without actually following the rules that you set for yourself. If you should be revising every Tuesday between 3 pm and 6 pm, then do it! It’s important to factor in any part-time work you may have, managing work and studying isn’t easy, finding the right balance is vital. You’re only wasting your own time and affecting your own studies, therefore when you make a plan stick to it!

In the know

Once you have a schedule, your body and mind will become accustomed to this routine and waking up, and studying will become a lot easier. Students eating healthy will find themsleves more focused and less tired. Your body will react to this new order of events positively because as humans, we need some level of routine in our lives. Hectic and disorganised lives create chaos and stress which don’t go hand-in-hand with university degrees.


This wonderful plan that you created will also be focused around your deadlines – they won’t exist to make you look good. Your deadlines will include coursework, projects and exams and most of the time will be some form of assessment, which are paramount into you getting a decent degree. You’ll find that you work better to the deadlines and find yourself less stressed about handing in that essay two minutes before the deadline is due.


As a student you are going to work – a lot. This means working those shifts at that part-time job and the level of what you are achieving through your coursework and exams. Your work is going to benefit big time from planning and organisation. You’ll be able to fit everything in through a schedule and feel better about yourself when you write a decent essay and go to work in a great mood.

Social lives

Social lives do exist when you have a plan, seriously! When you are setting up this schedule, you can include times for relaxing and seeing friends or even planning that gap year you have always dreamed of. Feel free to give yourself the weekend off, or to unwind in the evenings. An essential thing to remember is that everyone needs the opportunity to let their hair down, and it will feel that much better when you know you deserve it!

Sets you up for life

It is true when people say the university will set you up for life, especially with life skills, responsibility and paying bills. However, studying and organisation is also included. You’re going to have to plan and prioritise your workload when you are invested into your career and be able to organise your hectic adult life. So, by starting out now, it will only be a breeze later on.

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