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Retaking Exams During a Gap Year

Retaking Exams During a Gap Year

Retaking Exams During a Gap Year

There are plenty of reasons to take a gap year, but one of the most overlooked one is that people sometimes take their gap year in order to sort out their exam marks. This can be difficult for people as it means having to go back and perfect something that you’ve already done, but we have some tips on retaking your exams during a gap year that can help you out below:

Why are You Taking a Gap Year?

Remember this. It’s very easy to become disillusioned with why you’re taking a year off. Sometimes people forget the reasons why and decide to go and do something different. We don’t recommend doing that. Remember that you’re here to improve a previous exam score and it’s in your best interest to remember just that (learn more – common gap year mistakes). It’s a good chance to get a job, but we recommend that you keep this on the back-burner, at least until you’ve actually sat the exam in question.


Organisation is so important if you’ve only got one exam to retake (learn more – exam revision tips), we recommend spending as much time as you can writing and preparing for said exams. You might only have to do one exam with no coursework; but we recommend writing essays and the like to get yourself ready and prepared, revise for an hour every night, work on memory tips for your exam. Just remember that you need to organise your life around this to make sure that you don’t miss out on your place in next year’s Clearing (learn more – what is Clearing).

Your Goals

You need to remember what your goals are for the coming year, you need to prioritise, that’s so much easier said than done, but you have to remember that this year is to focus on you boosting your grades and to improve your grades, mapping your future is essential. It’s so easy to get yourself distracted with other pursuits, but we really recommend that you stay on task, get through the hard part then you can relax, you’ll definitely have earned it then!

Future Career

While on your gap year you’ll want to spend some time to seriously think about your future career ambitions. It’s difficult to not go to university when all of your friends are already off there. But you can also use this time to seriously think about what you want to do. Maybe you were going to university to do graphic design, and you’ve now decided that you’d like to work more in marketing (use our what degree shall I do quiz, it will reccomend 2 courses based on your answers) . These are very common things to do but they require different skills, so the thing to do is to seriously consider what it is that you want to do. So we recommend that if you’re going to be retaking your exams, think about what you want to take them for, it’s better to have a think of this now before you go to university or an appreticeship (learn more – what is an apprenticeship), you don’t want to be deciding to change your course midway through.

Ask for Advice

Taking a gap year to retake exams does not mean that you’re on your own. If you’re not sure what to do about certain things or you feel that you need to get some answers on certain things then quite simply ask. It sounds obvious, but there are a lot of people who refuse point blank to ask. It could always be useful to speak to gap yer agencies, they will be able to help with planning your gap year around your exams if that is something you would consider. Maybe it’s a matter of pride, maybe it’s a matter of being scared, but you have to ask for help if you’re struggling, we don’t recommend doing something alone if you can’t. Ask for help and see what people can do to help you, you might even end-up with a better idea than you thought you had.

Study Tips:

Studying can be difficult even at the best of times, but when you’ve just spent a year doing just that to only then return and have to do the same thing again can be incredibly demoralising. It can feel an awful lot like deja vu, but don’t worry! This now means that because you won’t have anywhere near as many subjects to have to study so, you can now focus on the subjects that you have left. 

This article is designed to help you out if you’re retaking or thinking of retaking your A-Levels during your gap year (learn more – retaking A Levels). Remember to make the most of your year out; you don’t want to come out at the end of it to then have to go back and do it again, be careful but remain calm, there are plenty of people who have to retake their A-Levels.

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