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What Can Complicate the Clearing Process?

What Can Complicate the Clearing Process?

What Can Complicate the Clearing Process?

The Clearing process can feel stressful for the majority of students that are going through it; however, if you are prepared for what can complication you’re Clearing process, you will be better suited and able to handle the very worst of scenarios, as mentioned below.

Busy Bees

Popular courses or universities may be extremely busy during the first few days of Clearing; as many students are calling up, just like you, for information about the course and if they can study there. You might find that you won’t get through straight away – don’t let this deter you from your call. If you don’t get through after a few tries, call up a different university, or spend time researching that initial institution to make sure you have an interest in going there and try again. If you want to study somewhere, don’t give up after the first obstacle. Make sure that you compare universities or search universities until your hands are numb!


You may hear horror stories about websites crashing and phone lines never being free – it may happen. Thousands of students are trying to get a spot on a course, and are going through the same thing as you, and this can cause problems for servers. If it happens, try alternatives, get creative! How about tweeting, or sending a direct message on Facebook? Before Clearing starts, get all contact information on universities you are interested in; like Department Head and other staff member’s email information, so you aren’t relying on the website.

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No room at the inn

When you do speak to someone, you might hear the bad news that there are no spaces left. If this occurs, explain your grades, and what you are interested in, or ask to speak to the Head of the Department, as they might be able to direct you to a similar course that suits you well. Never let the occasion of no available spaces put you off your goal. You also need to look at student accommodation too, which means that you will need to look into how to find last minute accommodation after Clearing and make sure that you’re choosing the right accommodation for you.

Doing something different

For a handful of reasons, you might have to study something different, and we don’t mean to go from Engineering to Fine Art – although, if they both interest you then your options are open! Consider joint degrees or courses that incorporate other areas into the degree, as they might end up being perfect for you. It will always open up your alternative options, and you’ll have a better chance finding something.

Different qualifications

Although there may have been a lot of people on your International Baccalaureate course, it doesn’t mean your institution or Admissions Advisor understands the results you received. If this is the case, or you have qualifications which aren’t the standard A-Levels and BTECs, ask to speak to a department head, or know and understand the comparisons, so you can explain what they mean in terms that the person on the other end of the line does understand.

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