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What is a Certificate of Higher Education?

What is a Certificate of Higher Education?

What is a Certificate of Higher Education?

A Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) focuses on either a particular profession or job or academic study. It is the most basic level of qualification that a student can gain in higher education, and can show how individuals are capable of studying at university level.

Studying a CertHE can raise confidence, aid a chance in careers, or progression in a current career. They can also be used to achieve a Foundation degree, a Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) or a full honours degree through additional study. Also, a CertHE is academic, rather than vocational qualifications.

How long does it take to complete?

Students who are studying a CertHE will typically complete the course in a year, those who are interested in studying the qualification as a part-time student should check with their institution as to how long it will take. A part-time course usually takes two years to complete, although there may be other options available.

What subjects can I study in a Certificate of Higher Education?

There are several options for students who wish to study a CertHE, including:

• Art
• Education
• Environment
• Health and Social Care
• Media
• Science
Social Sciences

What entry requirements do I need to study a Certificate of Higher Education?

Depending on the subject and Further or Higher education college itself, candidates will need to have at least one A-Level, or 80 UCAS Tariff points. However, each CertHE course will have varying entry requirements.

How do I apply to study a Certificate of Higher Education?

Students can apply to study a CertHE by applying straight to their college or university individually.

How are you assessed?

Students will be assessed academically through assignments, essays, written work and projects. Some CertHE course will include practical elements, and students will be assessed accordingly.

What can I do with a Certificate of Higher Education?

Individuals are able to continue with their studies and either enter the second year of a Bachelor’s year – similar to a Higher National Certificate (HNC) – or to use the qualification to gain a promotion or raise job prospects.

What is a Certificate of Higher Education equivalent to?

There are broadly equivalent to an HNC, and usually, take a year of full-time study to complete. The certificate, once completed, holds 120 credit points which are equal to one year of full-time study at undergraduate level.

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