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What is Clearing?

What is Clearing?

What is Clearing?

With A Level Results day looming over the corner ever so patiently, words seem to be flung around, and it can be hard to understand what they mean. One of those words is Clearing and here is all you need to know in case it involves you.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is a service where students, in a sense, achieve a second chance at guaranteeing a place at university or on a course. This service gives students the opportunity to choose a new university, or new course depending on their results until the end of September, and it opens on results day.

Who is Clearing for?

University Clearing is for students who may not have received the results they were expecting, and actually got lower grades than they needed to get into their university. If this is the case Clearing opens up the options for these students and other universities who have spaces on similar or different courses can then accept this student with their actual grades.

How does it work?

Universities release what spaces they have available on their courses and at their university on results day and are open and available to help students during the time that Clearing is vacant. Students are then able to call up a university and apply for a different course or university and find out if they have a place at university. Students can only apply for a different course one at a time so will have to make a decision before ringing up and speaking to a different institution. Although not all universities participate in Clearing, universities such as the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford, do not take part in Clearing.

Is it open for anyone else?

Clearing is also for students who applied for students after the cut-off date of June 30th or declined their offers from the universities they initially applied for.

For more information, students can visit our Clearing section or visit their UCAS Track page.

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