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What to Remember for Clearing

What to Remember for Clearing

What to Remember for Clearing

Clearing doesn’t have to be as confusing as it first seems; you will get the hang of it after a few phone calls, and after you are completely organised, it will won’t be as daunting either. Here is what to remember for Clearing, to get you through as quick as possible, stress-free, and come out on top with a course.

Persistence is key

In some cases, guaranteeing a Clearing course isn’t as black and white as it sounds, but if you stay persistent and work down your list of possible universities, you will receive an offer! Don’t let yourself feel put down or low after a couple of rejections. Universities want to fill their places, and students want a chance to study at university; therefore, Clearing works for most people – you just need to keep on fighting, and you’ll have a spot in no time.

Seek help when you need it

If you are feeling extremely overwhelmed or unsure what you need to do for Clearing, seek help! Your college or sixth form may have Clearing information and/or a careers advisor available to help you. If you don’t know or have anyone to aid you during the process, ask to speak to someone at the university you are applying to! The staff on the other end of the line know the ins and out of Clearing and can help you answer any questions. If all else fails, check University Compare’s Clearing section or UCAS for more support.

What to Remember for Clearing - Students on campus

Don’t be rash

Feeling anxious about whether you are going to get a university spot will play on your mind during this time, but don’t let the feeling control your decisions! If you are too eager about getting on a course and accept the first offer you receive – it may not be the right one for you. There are so many Clearing courses out there, and accepting the offer you receive from your first phone call isn’t the best decision. You also have a long time to think over your offers and decisions, and can have more than one offer at a time!

There will be a course for you out there

If you had your heart on a specific course; don’t allow it to stop you in your tracks if you didn’t receive the grades you needed to be accepted onto it. Clearing can open your eyes up to similar courses, courses with different titles that teach the same material, or even joint degrees, for example, a Film degree can also be under Film and Media, or Cinema. There will be many courses available, and there is definitely one out there for you! If you find yourself struggling to find a degree that is for you, check out our subject degree guides and see what suits you best!

Keep going

This is very important to remember; keep going! Push past your downfalls or rejections, and you’ll soon have a Clearing place and be on your way to university. There are thousands of students going through the same thing as you are; so the popular courses or universities might fill quickly – but that doesn’t mean the other ones listed aren’t more perfect for you! Keep browsing, searching and applying!

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