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Where is Best to Study in the UK?

Where is Best to Study in the UK?

Where is Best to Study in the UK?

When applying to university, students are always looking for the best places to study. This can be difficult as it can very much come under your definition of what “best” is and how you categorise it. The way that we define this is by selecting the most popular courses for students to study and see which places have the best reputations for those subjects. The most popular subjects are selected by the rate of student applications, in this instance, it is seen that a Business degree, Engineering degree, Law degree, Sports Science degree and Psychology degree are generally considered to be the most popular courses in the UK.

Various universities across the UK will offer these courses, however not all of these universities will actually specialise in the subject, so it is best to look at the universities that do focus on this. For instance, those looking to study more creative based degrees would be better suited looking in places like Shoreditch, where creative degrees are not only actively encouraged but are surrounded by the resources that aid the degree.

Universities will often pride themselves on their abilities to handle these subjects; indeed some universities such as UCFB focus almost entirely on sport-related degrees, which is better suited to those that are looking for sport related degrees.


A Business course degree has been a very popular degree for a lot of students for a long time. Many students often look to open their own business after university and feel that a business degree can aid them. A business degree can also help students that are looking for jobs as well and is generally seen as one of the most crucial degrees for people that are looking for employment as it demonstrates a knowledge of workplace understanding and also of business practices.

As to where the best place to study business is, there are a number of universities which specialise in business and plenty that focus on business-specific degrees, such as St. Andrews University, in Fife, Scotland. The university is one of the highest ranked universities in the UK and focuses extensively on business studies. Another university which focuses quite extensively on business is the London School of Economics, which is located in Westminster in Central London.

If you can find a university which focuses on this subject, then you can find yourself receiving a better quality of education than if you were to go to a different place altogether.


Engineering is one of the most sought-after and one of the most difficult degrees that a person can sit. The degree is made up only with the very best in terms of possible students. The degree regardless of location will rely heavily on your GCSE and A-Level results to get you a place. Also, Engineering will also have a large physical aspect to the course too, which may put certain applicants off.

The best places to study these sorts of degrees are going to be the very best universities in the UK. One of the best-reviewed universities for its Engineering degree is Cambridge University. Cambridge has a reputation for being one of the best universities in the UK as it is, but their Engineering course comes incredibly highly recommended by past alumni and present students. Other universities like Imperial College London, focus very specifically on Engineering and offer a wide range of courses that focus on both Engineering History and Practical Engineering courses too. The university has an incredibly high graduation rate and will, therefore, expect a high level of commitment and will expect you to keep up with the workload and more.

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Law is in the same area as Engineering in terms of difficulty and popularity amongst students and universities. Law also ranks as one of the longest degrees that a person can do too!

Most universities will offer a Law degree, owing to the aforementioned popularity of the degree, but universities like BPP University and UCL (University College London), specialise in Law and the practices. They also offer good employment opportunities, whether that be through actual employment or apprenticeships. The universities have very highly ranked degrees, and their reputations more than speak for themselves.

Sports Science:

Sports Science is a great example of a degree that is growing more and more popular every year. Many universities are looking to offer Sports Science degrees to more students, but the emergence of universities that specialise more in sport means that subject specific universities are your best options when studying Sports Science.

Universities like University of Edinburgh and Loughborough University, offer in-depth university degrees in a variety of sports subjects. While universities like UCFB offer degrees that are taught at campuses like Wembley Stadium or Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium, they focus more on the business aspect of sports, whereas Edinburgh and Loughborough offer far more advanced science degrees related to sport.

The degree will offer you a chance to learn more about the human body, the physicality of sports and how important it can be to maintain a peak level fitness as an athlete.


Psychology degree has a large number of applicants each year and ranks as one of the most popular degrees for a person to study in the UK. A number of applicants are usually those who have studied this or something similar at either GCSE or A-Level, which means that without those relevant qualifications, universities are unlikely to consider you.

Universities like University of Bath and Durham University, don’t specifically specialise in Psychology, but they do have very highly rated degrees in the subject and have a very high graduation rate in all subjects including Psychology.

When it comes to choosing your university, you will need to take a lot of things into account, whether that be the relative distance from where you currently live, which can impact people’s decision and also what it is that you want to study. If you want to study a certain subject, then you will need to look at the universities that specialise in the subject, the more specialist the university is, the more likely it is that you will graduate.

Be careful when selecting your university and make sure that you have everything that you need in your university application when you’re applying to university, the more information that you have, the better informed you will be to make your decision. Good luck!

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