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Birmingham City University

UCAS Personal Statement Examples

With one of the largest collections personal statements examples, below is a series of templates for Birmingham City University.

Birmingham City University dates back to 1843 where it was founded as a college, then a polytechnic in 1971 and gained in status as a university in 1992. A huge £125 million was invested into Birmingham City University to extend its campus in the city, which is one of three campuses they have. It is a very modern and up-to-date university with around 22500 students from 80 countries.

Birmingham City University is the second biggest university out five in Birmingham. The Birmingham city guide explains and explores what Birmingham has to offer.

Birmingham City University (BCU), Child Integrated Professional Care Personal Statement

My passion for midwifery has grown with time. At 15 I made the decision to be a midwife and since have researched…

Birmingham City University, Fashion Business and Promotion Personal Statement

Identity and individuality is often interpreted through the expression of fashion. I view apparel as an every day performance of personality. The inspiration of…

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