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Oxford Brookes University

UCAS Personal Statement Examples

With one of the largest collections personal statements examples, below is a series of templates for Oxford Brookes University.

Oxford Brookes University history dates back to 1865 and through mergers and redevelopments was awarded its university title in 1992. Oxford Brookes University is split over four campuses and its School of Architecture is one of the largest in Britain. The university itself provides high employment rates for the area of Oxford, it is the sixth largest employer in the city.

Oxford Brookes University is one of two universities located in Oxford, both highly populated with students, proving it to be a very student rich area. The Oxford city guide provides what the city has to offer for students.

Oxford Brookes, Business and Management Personal Statement

I am applying to study a business degree, specialising in Human resource Management (HRM) because I have undertaken paid work…

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