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University Of Bristol

UCAS Personal Statement Examples

With one of the largest collections personal statements examples, below is a series of templates for the University of Bristol.

The University of Bristol, a red brick university and part of the Russell Group, was founded as a university in 1909, making it one of the older institutions in the UK, but was first established as a college in 1876. It is organised into six academic faculties running over 200 courses over multiple schools and departments. University of Bristol has nine halls of residence, three located in the city of Bristol and there other six just outside the city.
The sheer number of students living in and around the city of Bristol, has seen the city very student orientated. The Bristol city guide explores what there is at offer for students.

Bristol University, Economics Personal Statement

My desire to study Economics at university stems from my interest in the incredible pace of change in the world. Development Economics fascinates me…

University of Bristol, Law Personal Statement

Law is the predominant overarching factor in defining the stability of our society. My fervent interest in Law developed when I discovered that I…

University of Bristol, Law Personal Statement

‘At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice, he is the worst.’ notes Aristotle. The morality of…

University of Bristol, Economics and Management Personal Statement

Economics attempts to understand and address many of the world’s most serious problems. I would like to enhance my knowledge of the…

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